Original collection of high-resolution photos (wallpaper) for a desktop.
Original collection of high-resolution photos (wallpaper) for a desktop.

The information about site

      On this site is collected the collection of high-resolution photos for usage in quality wallpapers for a Desktop of the computer .
      The photos can be downloaded for 4 most popular screen resolutions: 800󴮰, 1024󵴸, 1200󯮲4 and 1600󯰰0 of points.

Free distribution

      All photos are laid out for free downloading and exchange under condition of usage them in quality 栠for a Desktop (without changes of files).

Author and copyrights

      The author of all photos placed on this site: ˠ졸Nickolai (www.nikolaj.ru).
      All rights belong to to the writer. About the order of usage of photos on other 򡪲󟱥ad below.

Publication of a photos on other sites

      The publication of large size photos (800󴮰 points and more) on another sites, in other galleries is admitted and is paid compliments, but only provided that the photos will not be updated (the size will not vary, will not be effected framings, to a photo will not be made modifications).

Using of photos for other Internet sites

      The publication in other sites modified (with the changed size cropped, etc.) photos is admitted only about a condition of the indicating near to a photo of authorship (author: Kalashnikov Nikolay), or link to this site (www.kotomka.com).
      If the indicating of authorship (or link) in obvious sort is impossible - publication is prohibited.

Usage of photos for print issuings

      For print issuings the writer can grant the originals of snapshots of a high-resolution (letter quality). The conditions of allocation of photos are reserved individually.
   Usage introduced on a site of photos in the paper publications without the written approval of the writer are prohibited.

How to receive permission on the publication

      For commercial using, including obtaining of photos of sufficient permission for printing to access to the author: www.nikolaj.ru (kotomka.com@mail.ru).

How to recognize the plagiarism

      Unfortunately some, even rather dear Internet-sites, afford to steal my snapshots, and after some modifications to publish them.
      However to recognize the plagiarism it is rather easy: practically on each photo there are unique units, the layout cannot be repeated which one at conducting other shooting. In streets are the people, on landscapes are clouds, etc.
      On these details it is possible is error-free to define, what photo was the primary source.

Errors in the descriptions

      I not the connoisseur of English, and am probable, descriptions contain set grammar (and not only) errors.
      If you liked my photos, and you want to help to me - you can send me exact variant, and I shall publish it(him).
      Beforehand thanks.

The photographer - Kalashnikov Nikolay.
There are also photos of a high-resolution of a letter quality. On acquisition to address to the photographer.
2005, Kalashnikov Nikolay
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